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AirBnB hosting Program


If you have ever wondered "How can I profit from AirBnB?"


  • But don't know how others have done it;

  • or have an rental property that is being used for long term tenants, but would be perfect as a AirBnB and increase your income and be a better earner; 

  • or haven't the time to run it and manage it safely, reliably, profitably and continually. 


We at Sand and City Condotels would like to work with Property Owners who have a house or flat (we even have airbnb'd boats and other unique places that guests love as their "holiday experiences").

We have helped owners since 2015 with the whole Airbnb experience, without them doing anything except to earn an extra 2nd income.  We offer £10k per year*, to hire your property, as a AirBnB.


Apart from us working with AirBnB owners; we have been in the Property business for over 125 years, and own and manage our own large Commercial and Residential portfolio of properties as independent landlords.

As Airbnb has grown since 2012, property owners have sought to profit from this phenomenal business.  But either lack the time or knowledge or confidence to know how to make money from this new type of gig economy.    We remove all the hassle of letting agents; management letting companies; late payers; obnoxious renters; and the struggle of any evictions, if it all goes south.


We pay upfront £5,000* per half-yearand are paid bi-yearly on the 1st January and 1st June.

We are more than just a hosting management company, as we take all the hard work away from the decision making and stress; and help you with just one decision.   


By partnering up with us, you make only pure earnings without the work. 


Guests arrive and leave without any intervention or work from you.


Sand and City Condotels logo
By partnering up with expert landlords and managers, we can offer you
a guaranteed 2nd income without doing anything.
Contact us at 01273 615056 at Sand and City Properties or email to find out more.

(*management fees of one month apply)

Terms & Conditions apply.

According to our Contract.

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