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Get to know the family and our team

GND Properties


GND Properties is a family run and owned property business, established since the 1920's.  Founded by my grandfather, a Russian Immigrant, Hymie Goodman, as an additional venture to his family's primary business interest of St.John's Timber Co.  A very successful timber importer and sawmill, run by both of the older brothers, importing lumber from forests in Finland, Norway, Russia and throughout the world.  His business intelligence helped him and his brother create a substantial Lumber and Property Empire at the turn of the 20th Century.

It was from these beginnings, that they built up a portfolio of shops; offices; banking premises; betting offices; and helped house many independent businesses; as well as through our Residential Lettings business, provide decent housing to many working people.

Our interests are spread out throughout the UK; and have amounted to ownership and shared interests in over 2,000 properties.

In the nearly 125 years of providing high standards; we have worked with many blue-chip, well known names like Barclays, Lloyds Insurance; BBC; Universal Music; Pixar; Elstree Studios; Citizens Advice; Deloittes; William Hills; Ladbrokes; and many others....

Founding Grandfather - Hymie Goodman

Born in Russia around the turn of the 20th Century. His story of migration seeking peace from war, was typical for Jewish families fleeing Russian persecution at the turn of the century. The son of timber merchants back in “the Old Country”, and my Grandmother's bounty of stashed diamonds!  My Grandfather was a wily and foxy fellow, with a huge intellect and boundless energy. In only twenty years, he and his brother had created a  hugely successful Timber import business, and his own Sawmill.

His diversification into Real Estate, was part of his boundless entrepreneurial vision and appetite.

Some of these properties are over 250 years old; and bought for as much as £5 old pounds!!! A fortune even then.

Hymie Goodman


Born in Brighton, England.  She was an accomplished Harpist, graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. She spent her professional life as a world-class and sort after orchestral musician. As one of the top five internationally recognised Classical Harpists, she played with every A-list singer; conductor and celebrity during the 1950s and 1960s.  From Yehudi Menuhin; Andre Previn; Daniel Barenboim; Dennis Brain; working at the Palladium with Frank Sinatra in front of Her Majesty; to broadcasting regularly for the BBC Philharmonic; the Proms; etc. Her professional output was staggering; and highly under-known outside her proud family, as are so many jobbing orchestral musicians.

Naomi Goodman

2013-03-27 11.16.34.jpg

Raised in Israel and England. Schooled in Rudolf Steiner Schools; and spent his childhood and teens between Brighton, London and Israel.

He spent his first career as a Teacher.  (Amongst a million others on the way....)    Worked his way around the World and 50+ countries (literally..) as a traveller and teacher.

Waldorf Education and TEFL/EFL was his main profession for over twenty happy years.

His involvement into the Property Business was through his family.  As it was, from previous generations before.   He has his own property business separate from GND Properties, with interests in property acquisitions; auction properties; developments to flip; and other construction investments throughout the UK. 

Shimon Cregor

(Managing Director / Chairman)

The present owners of GND Properties are the grandchildren of the founding family; and proudly hold onto the legacy values of the company; its family values of trust and experience; our history of business longevity and financial strength.

We work for our tenants and the needs of each business and residential tenants.

We know that reputation is built over a lifetime of work; and broken in a second of forgetting that YOU are our customer.

Sincerely, Shimon Cregor

(Managing Director/Chairman)

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