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  • How can a Property Auction Consultant help me?
    A Property Auction Consultant will:- help and advise you, to guide you to your goals of financial independance and to owning the right type of property for you and your needs; support and offer selection of properties suitable for your needs and goals; we will analyse the current market conditions to find the right property for your goals; we will provide written and verbal reports to our clients helping you to identify your goals, and provide a selection of carefully chosen opportunities as defined by our conversation; and provides a personal short/mid/longterm strategy to build your portfolio as a Property Developer or Landlord in properties bought either at Auctions, or through Estate Agents, or other sources. It is a process that requires technical competency across a broad range of property matters, along with sound, critical enquiry. The Property Consultant is the link between defining the problem and devising a solution of measurable economic value. By definition, the Consultant is a broad based role, within which there are specialist operators providing advice.
  • Pre-Auction Consultancy
    During your Pre-Auction Consultancy meetings; we will discuss a range of steps covering topics like:- Identify your personal goals and financial & income needs; Suggest which types of Properties to choose personalised for your selected goals; We will go on viewings either as your agent or with you (including photographs and video information) & give you a Written and Telephone Review; Discuss your Finance Options; Introduction to qualified Mortgage Consultants; & review your types of Investment intentions; Review the Type of Outcomes you are planning for (i.e. to rent; flip a sale; longterm investments; SIPPS Pension Investments; etc What is your Exit Strategy? Identify your Goals? Explain and Review the Legal & Planning Requirements of your Plans.
  • Buying & Selling at the Auction
    Selling at Auction or Buying at Auction? Our goal prior to any Auction, is to identify what you are wishing to achieve. Which Auctions are happening in the UK, which fits your plan? What Types of Property are available, and appropriate for your goals? Identifying the key reasons for Investment? What are your Personal Requirements? What are your Goals: To sell quickly and make profit from a fast Buy/Renovate & Flip or to rent for the longterm, whilst your property values increase naturally over time. Helping define your key Location(s); Suggesting the best property type (house; flat; commercial; land); the best size suitable for your goals; how many Bedrooms you require and how a renovation could create new space which could add hidden value to your purchase; What kind of Tenants would fit your goals; the market requirements; and your financial investment; and if you wish to manage your own tenants, what can you expect, and preparing for that?; as well as discussions, such as, what are your Income wishes and Needs?
  • How do I renovate my Auction Property ready for my tenants?
    Condition & Work needed? Type of Tenant Kind of Property Financial strengths & weakness Timescale Renovation & the needs of the tenants Legal Requirements Council Planning Dept Requirements
  • How to Sell or Let my Property?
    Sale or Lettings or Personal Home Estate Agencies review; Self-Marketing; Conveyancing Advice; Engaging Lawyers;
  • Lettings Management
    Lettings Agent Lettings Management Tenant Finding Service only; Marketing & Tenant Move-in; Full Management. Referencing; Checks on new tenants; documents; AST; Tenants Marketing; Move-in requirements
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